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Sixth formers support weekly Phonics enrichment

16 Feb 2022

Over the course of the last half term, our sixth form students have been supporting Year 7, 8, and 9 students with their reading, not only during the school day but during enrichment and social times. 

Our sixth form phonics cohort was trained by Walbottle’s librarian to ensure that they could acquire the skills and knowledge to ensure KS3 students progress in their reading. Sixth-form students attended weekly Monday night enrichment sessions to develop their skills, practise with their peers, and ultimately were able to implement this when dealing with KS3 students. Each session was met with professionalism and maturity, and it was brilliant to see each student grow in confidence.

Each week, Phonics enrichment was attended extremely well, and it was clear that our sixth form cohort was engaged and enthused by the challenge ahead. Our sixth formers are not only reflective and considerate when outlining their desired pathway, but they are also reflective learners and strive for perfection within this new skill. In addition, the level of support, collaboration, and commitment to the enrichment programme is a testament to their diligence and dedication.

Alongside enrichment, our sixth formers have been a strength in supporting our colleagues, school-wide, during our weekly DEAR lessons. It is fantastic to see their initiative and enjoyment whilst facilitating these reading sessions. Their desire to propel student reading progress is brilliant, they have been a true asset to our sixth form community.

Our sixth formers have celebrated a love of reading, and have been able to instil confidence within our younger students.